Gold: $2334.08  |  Silver: $30.34

Roosevelt Dimes

Coin values for silver Roosevelt dimes are roughly tied to the bullion market, and therefore fluctuate on a frequent basis. For the most part, Roosevelt dimes are very affordable for the typical numismatist or investor, and their relatively low coin values have helped make this popular series a common starting point for many newer coin collectors. However, the Roosevelt dime, which was designed by John R. Sinnock and first minted in 1946, isn’t just for beginners. Many Roosevelt dimes, especially silver specimens, are quite rare in the upper mint state grades and provide a decent challenge to those who wish to acquire pristine examples of the coin. Values for MS-65 and MS-66 silver Roosevelt dimes sometime reach into the hundreds of dollars.

However, for the average Roosevelt dime collector who simply wants one specimen of each date and mintmark combination, pricing is hardly a prohibitive matter. Even the 1949-S, 1955, 1955-D, and 1955-S Roosevelt dimes, which essentially serve as the key dates for the series, usually have coin values under $10 each for low-end uncirculated specimens.

While coin collectors largely prefer to acquire only mint state examples of silver Roosevelt dimes, the average bullion investor will be perfectly satisfied to snap up circulated examples as junk silver. Since silver Roosevelt dimes normally represent the lowest-priced 90% junk silver coins, they are perfect for cash-strapped bullion investors who are looking for cheap silver coins. Typical coin values for low-end, common-date silver dimes is right around $3 each when silver bullion prices are $20 per ounce, so the market for these coins is open to just about everybody.