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Gold Coin ValuesUsing our gold coin values calculator (scroll down for the calculator) couldn’t be easier. Simply enter the number of coins you have and the calculator will use the up to the minute gold value to calculate what the gold content of your coin(s) is worth.

Keep in mind that the way we determine your gold coin price is based purely on the content of gold in your coin(s) and the current value of gold, commonly referred to as the melt value. Obviously if your coins are in collectible condition they could be, and probably are, worth considerably more.

Gold Coin Prices

U.S. Gold Coin Melt Value Calculator
Spot Gold:
U.S. Gold Coin Composition Face Value Troy Ounces of Gold per Coin Quantity Gold Melt Values
1849-1854 $1 Liberty Head: Type1 90 % Gold$1.000.04838
1854-1856 $1 Small Head Indian Princess: Type2 90 % Gold$1.000.04838
1856-1889 $1 Large Head Indian Princess: Type3 90 % Gold$1.000.04838
1840-1907 $2.50 Liberty Head Quarter Eagle 90 % Gold$2.500.12095
1908-1929 $2.50 Indian Head Quarter Eagle 90 % Gold$2.500.12095
1839-1908 $5 Liberty Head Half Eagle 90 % Gold$5.000.24187
1908-1929 $5 Indian Head Half Eagle 90 % Gold$5.000.24187
1838-1907 $10 Liberty Head Eagle 90 % Gold$10.000.48375
1907-1933 $10 Indian Head Eagle 90 % Gold$10.000.48375
1849-1907 $20 Liberty Head Double Eagle 90 % Gold$20.000.96749
1907-1933 $20 Saint Gaudens Double Eagle 90 % Gold$20.000.96749
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Ounces Owned:

Gold Value:

Total Value:

How to Use our Gold Price Data

Gold Price DataGold coin values are changing just about every day, as market volatility and fluctuations in the overall economy continually effect what people are paying for gold. While similar factors affect silver coin prices, the daily differences in value are much more subtle as the price of silver is much lower dollar for dollar than with gold. So, a 3 percent change in gold prices may mean a fluctuation of $30 to $50 in value for a coin like the St. Gaudens double eagle, while a similar percentage adjustment in price for silver may not even register during an over-the-counter transaction of a low-grade numismatic silver coin such as a common-date Barber half dollar grading in Good condition.

Our gold coin values are generally for numismatic pieces – mainly pre-1934 gold coins grading anywhere from Fine to Extremely Fine condition. However, we also offer gold prices for bullion coins and have gold bullion prices that are constantly updated. Always bear in mind that any of the prices that we list here for numismatic gold coins are based on specimens that are uncleaned and undamaged. Naturally, cleaned or altered gold coins are worth less than typical market value.

If you are looking to sell your gold coinage, remember that the gold coin values you see on our site are generally based on retail values, and do not necessarily reflect what a gold coin dealer may offer you. Again, the price you get for your gold coins will be based primarily on the gold coin values at the time you sell your coin, the dealer’s inventory needs, the condition of your specific coin, and other factors.