Gold: $2117.14  |  Silver: $23.77

1952 Roosevelt Dime

1952 Roosevelt Dime
1952 Roosevelt Dime Value

Coin Info

Melt Value
United States
Silver Coin
Metal Content
0.07234 t oz
Face Value
$0.10 USD

1952 Roosevelt dimes are highly popular among coin collectors who enjoy 20th century coinage, silver coins, or type coins in general. They are also favorite coins among those who favor presidential coinage, of which there are many examples today, especially in light of the Presidential dollars series, which honored Franklin Delano Roosevelt in 2014.

There were tens of millions of 1952 Roosevelt dimes made to meet the demands of coin collectors as well as, of course, general commerce needs. Mintage figures are listed below:

  • 1952 – 99,040,093; $3

  • 1952-D – 122,100,000; $3

  • 1952-S – 44,419,500; $3

  • 1952 proof – 81,980; $40

*Values are for coins in a grade of Extremely Fine 40, unless otherwise stated.

Note the 1952 proof Roosevelt dime, which is the third proof specimen in the series. Despite having started in 1946, the Roosevelt dime did not receive its first proof entry until 1950, when the U.S. Mint resumed striking proof coinage for the first time since 1942. While many Roosevelt dime enthusiasts will find the 1952 proof dime an essential issue to collect, it is generally not considered necessary for those who are assembling a basic collection by date and mintmark the regular-issue Roosevelt dimes.

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