Gold: $2303.62  |  Silver: $28.87

Silver Prices Riding Roller Coaster for Decades

With silver prices fluctuating greatly up and down over the past few years, it can be hard to remember for some investors, especially those who are relatively new to the market, that we've "been here before" and "done that." Many silver pundits want buyers to believe that now is the time to buy silver, with some claiming that we may never see price...

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Bullion Shark Offers Stunning, Privately Minted Bullion Products

​Bullion Shark offers its customers a full line of Bullion Shark silver bullion products. This line includes a 1oz silver round, 10oz silver bar and a 500oz "Great White Box." These products are unique in that they are IRA eligible, unlike many other privately minted products. This means that these silver bullion items can be purchased with IRA fun...

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