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Streber Released from Prison

Streber Released from Prison

​Hi gang,

I was just released after several weeks in solitary where I did a lot of deep thinking and here's what I came up with:

  1. The great Keynesian experiment is ending.
  2. The FED and all Western Central Banks are out of tricks.
  3. The EU experiment, always doomed, will soon collapse.
  4. China is a basket case.
  5. Gold has been putting in a rounded bottom since the Cartel orchestrated smash beginning NOV '14.
  6. Everything reeks of desperation now.
  7. I see the first two end-of-week trading days this month (JAN), Friday the 9th & Fri the 15th, have been severe downers for the stawk markets. The third (Fri the 22nd) an unfounded blizzard rally. Looking forward to tonight (Asia) and tomorrow.

Streber out...

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