Gold: $2383.39  |  Silver: $28.24

1935 Buffalo Nickel

1935 Buffalo Nickel Dollar Value
1935 Buffalo Nickel Dollar

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Melt Value
United States
Copper Coin
Face Value
$0.05 USD

Buffalo nickel production increased significantly in 1935, with more than 80 million Buffalo nickels made that year. All three mints had resumed production of the five-cent coin, and therefore every regular-issue 1935 Buffalo nickel is considered common. However, there’s still plenty for Buffalo nickel aficionados to enjoy about 1935 nickels. In addition to the three usual varieties (1935, 1935-D, and 1935-S Buffalo nickels), there are also few die variations that will keep Buffalo collectors on their toes. 

Namely, there is the 1935 doubled die Buffalo nickel. This piece exhibits doubling on the reverse, and is worth around $50 in Good-4. Two other varieties to look for among 1935 Buffalo nickels are the 1935-D large mintmark and small mintmark Buffaloes. Neither the large- or small-mintmark Buffalo nickels are worth a considerable premium, but they make necessary acquisitions for Buffalo nickel enthusiasts.

Among the regular-issue 1935 Buffalo nickels, Philadelphia issues are the most common, with 58,264,000 made that year at the main mint. 1935-D Buffalo nickels saw the second-highest mintage that year, at 12,092,000 pieces; San Francisco came in third, with 10,300,000 pieces struck. Regular-issue 1935, 1935-D, and 1935-S Buffalo nickels can be bought for about $1 in a grade of Good-4, and for under $5 in a grade as high as Extremely Fine-40. 

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